Our Mission

HUII, or the Harvard College US-India Initiative, is a student-run organization that aims to create a dialogue between Indian and American youth to address some of India’s most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues today.

Started in 2011, the founders set out with the goal of fostering long-term cooperation between the United States and India and leveraging these relationships to address some of India’s most pressing social and economic issues.

We aim to:

• Create a dialogue between students and exchange on issues related to India
• Help foster long-term relationships from young leaders around the globe
• Provide resources for social entrepreneurship in India

The Executive Board

Akash Bagaria is a junior at Harvard College from New Delhi concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Government. He is interested in the fields of macroeconomic and public policy with a particular focus on international trade and investment, and he spent his summer researching at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi. Aside from HUII, he is actively involved in Model UN and the International Society, and is an editor for The Harvard Independent. He loves a good argument, and spends his free time reading historical fiction and watching Netflix.

Krish Sheth is an Architect and Designer with a specialisation in Digital Marketing and is currently working with GDB International Inc, Princeton. Owing to his love for debate, he has been a part of the chair and OC at numerous Model UNs, debates and inter-collegial festivals. A certified SCUBA and sky diver, budding surfer and a flying enthusiast, his wanderlust and passion for adventure and photography have  taken him to over 40 countries.

Priya Gill is a junior at Harvard College studying Classical Languages and Literature with a Secondary in Economics. She grew up in Northern Virginia and spent the last year working for a startup in Pune, India. In her free time, you can find her jumping at every opportunity to travel, exploring new ways to stay active, and chasing every dog in sight.

Dravisha Katoch is a freshman at Ashoka University, Studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, with a minor in Psychology. She describes herself as a mix of a student, professional, street food lover and dancer who can go on for hours about start-ups and marketing ideas. Apart from focusing on  academics at Ashoka, she spends most of her time  working with Good City Foundation (Future City Summit)

Shekhar Chatterjee is a junior at Ashoka University where he is majoring in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship (Interdisciplinary). Shekhar has assumed the responsibility to the complete IT stack of HUII in 2017, including the delegate portal and the payment systems for HUII. A night-owl, dorm-room programmer, and a startup enthusiast, Shekhar doesn’t like anything non-spontaneous. He enjoys hunting and playing with vulnerabilities in IT Systems at Ashoka. How to become friends with him? Just start a conversation. What get’s him excited? An amazing start-up idea and Centre for Entrepreneurship. And no, he won’t hack Facebook accounts for you. Ask for something better.

Daksh Jaiswal currently works at Disprz, an enterprise technology venture, as a Regional Business Head. In his spare time, he volunteers with Harvard US India Initiative as the Chair of Special Projects. With an educational background in business & finance, Daksh is an alumnus of University of Delhi & the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He’s been an active part of debates, MUNs, non-profits in the past which infused in him, an interest in India’s political & socio-economic environment. Daksh spends his spare time reading, solo-travelling and working on self-improvement projects.

Lakshay Jaiswal is a product designer and runs his own practice, called The Design Collective, helping his clients craft digital experiences. He majored in business from the University of Delhi and has past experience working at multiple VC-backed early-stage ventures handling varied business functions. He works as the Design Director for HUII, taking care of all design-related aspects with the team. He loves Rick & Morty, playing a game of futsal with his friends, spending time with doggos & designing some slick pop art.

Shreyvardhan Sharma is a sophomore at Harvard intending to concentrate in Computer Science. Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, Shrey possesses a keen understanding of the Indian political landscape and its many nuances and idiosyncrasies. As a firm believer in both debate and dissent, Shrey spearheads HUII’s initiatives to foster political dialogue on campus by bringing together a plurality of opinions and diverse voices to discuss contemporary issues and adopt resolutions. In his free time, Shrey can be found playing badminton, writing code, or admiring the effortless genius of Calvin and Hobbes.