To apply, you must be between the ages of 16 and 25.

The conference fee is Rs. 6500 (inclusive of tax). It includes:

  • Access to all the keynotes and assigned panels
  • Two lunch-buffets at the Trident
  • Ability to enter any delegate competition
  • Certificate of participation

The conference fee allows us to ensure a quality venue and lineup of speakers for our participants every year. Nevertheless, we will make efforts to ensure that the conference fee is not a barrier to participation for selected applicants.


Dates & Venue

Where:  The Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai
When:  7th and 8th of January, 2017

About the Conference

The mission of HUII’s India conference is to inspire Indian youth to deliberate, debate, and discuss their ideas for India’s future, and in this undertaking begin the process of shaping the India of tomorrow. The conference brings together 375 of India’s most accomplished students and young professionals, and offers them the unique opportunity of interacting and engaging with 70+ speakers, each of whom have made a deep impact on the trajectory of our country. Over the past two years, for instance, we’ve had Raghuram Rajan (Governor, RBI), Cyrus Mistry (ex-Chairman, Tata Sons), Ronnie Screwvala (Founder, UTV Group), Piyush Goyal (Union Minister Power, Coal, Renewable Energy), and Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament). This year, we’re lucky enough to have: Prakash Javadekar (Union HRD Minister); Chanda Kochhar (CEO, ICICI Bank); Arundhati Bhattacharya (Chairperson, State Bank of India [SBI]); Shikha Sharma(CEO, Axis Bank); and, Sunil Mittal (Founder & CEO, Bharti Enterprises [Airtel]) amongst a host of other accomplished speakers. Through this process, our hope is to define the challenges that confront our nation and seek solutions to them.

Our conference is setup so that there are keynotes and panel discussions. Keynotes are where speakers address all the 350 delegates directly and speak about something they find important (within the guidelines given to them); panels are more intimate discussions fostered by limiting the number of participants. Multiple equally engaging panels run simultaneously, allowing all our participants to join the discussion. In these panels, multiple speakers explore an issue through a moderated discussion. There are five major panel themes: Education, Politics, Economics, Society, and Giving-back. Under each theme, there are multiple prompts. For instance, the Politics panels* this year will include discussions on:

  1. India and the Geopolitical Balance in South and East Asia
  2. Unity in Diversity – integration of Kashmir, Northeast, Telangana, secessionist movements
  3. The Future of the Left/Third parties/Identity politics
  4. State Models for Governance (Kerala, Himachal Pradesh)

The most important thing to note is that throughout our conference, participants are given a free reign: they are allowed to interact with speakers and ask the really ‘tough’ questions.
* panels are subject to change

What makes our conference unique?

Our conference is the largest, most prestigious of its kind in India. We bring close to 70 speakers – all of whom are truly on the frontiers of their own fields and decision makers on the national scale – for the sole purpose of engaging with college-age delegates interested in learning. On the other hand, our participants themselves are amongst the brightest India has to offer: we make sure of this through a competitive application process. The ultimate purpose for us is to inspire Indian youth to action – to allow our participants to see challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s world, and force them to think about possible solutions. Our entire conference is not-for-profit: all of our stakeholders (the organizing committee, our sponsors, our participants, and our speakers) exist solely to facilitate important debate.

Further, the conference is designed in an attempt to leave a lasting impact on our participants. Our competitions, for instance, challenge our participants (in teams or individually) to make contributions that will well outlast the conference. Winners of the competitions get to present their work to our speakers.

Why should you apply?

If you are interested in the issues that India faces and want join the conversation, or if you simply feel compelled to drive some of India’s future, there’s no better place to be. At HUII, we’ve learned from Cyrus Mistry and Ronnie Screwvala, and we’ve fielded questions to Piyush Goyal and Raghuram Rajan; we’ve heard of challenges from Mirai Chatterjee and Prof. HC Verma, and we’ve asked to join Shaheen Mistry and Harish Iyer on their missions. Our speakers range from industrialists to politicians, entrepreneurs to actors,  and activists to artists. Being in proximity to such inspiring people is infectious because it opens the mind to previously unknown opportunities. Hearing them speak about what’s important to them is legitimately worthwhile and this conference allows participants to do just that.

But, perhaps the biggest reason to apply is to become part of the HUII community. The moment you enter, you will meet a group of talented individuals, and somehow, over the course of just two days you’ll end up making life-long friendships. As most of our participants will tell you, the HUII community lasts long after the conference ends.

If you’d still like to get a better sense of what we offer, it’s worth going through our previous conference pages, our Facebook group, or our brochures.


Don’t believe us? Hear from some of our previous participants! All the following posts were unsolicited, and are drawn from our official Facebook group for delegates.

“Last night after the conference, I sat there on Marine Drive, thinking that I am going to miss the conference, the people I met and everything that happened in the last two days. Thank you so much!! That was a beautiful experience. We all had come to HUII with some expectations. But for me and for most of us, the conference not only fulfilled our expectations but made a huge impact on ourselves. I feel so overwhelmed. From key note speakers to panelists, from delegates to OC members and from discussions to questions, everything was amazing. Congratulations HUII Team for putting up a great show.  I can finally say that it was my best trip to Mumbai!”

I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better start to the year. A brilliantly organised conference that really opened my mind, inspired me, and made me interested and passionate about what I can do for the country. What is even better? I am now aware of so many amazing people doing such great things. Huge shout out to the organising committee for executing it perfectly, and being so hospitable. Met so many lovely people here as well, do stay in touch. Once again, thank you very much for everything!
~ The girl in the yellow blazer who got to ask more than a few questions

After the conference was over and everyone had left the hall, I walked back. I walked back to the conference room. Literally, a room. Four walls. A few square feet. That’s probably when I realized what a bunch of people could do to a place.
These two days, to say the least and be as truthful as I can be, have been wrapped in memories. Highs and Lows. (No innuendos)
I am trying not to talk of the impact it had on everyone because, firstly, I do not have the right to do so and secondly, I wouldn’t be doing justice to it. For me, when I look back now, these two days don’t seem real. The emotion around this conference is raw. Be it the talks we had, the place where we met, the people we heard and the memories we made, it seems, for the lack of a better word, dreamy.
I don’t think I can write about my experience here any more because there’s not only a certain calmness but also a numbness regarding this experience. I guess, I would just have to keep looking at the photos to remind myself of a reality I had seen and a legacy I had been a very small part of.  All I’ll say is, I’d thank every person involved with this conference. Yes, the OC majorly who saw a dream that makes us dreamy. For doing things that we know and don’t know of. (Be it sending mails at 3 am IST or making sure the water bottles were kept on the podium exactly 18 minutes before the panelist arrived)
I’d thank the speakers, delegates, Trident staff, photographers, the carpenter who created that podium to the printer who printed the amazing banners. (Look, we have an example of diversity and globalization right here  )
I’ll try to leave this written piece here. Where it seems complete and not yet complete at the same time. Somewhere hanging in between. Just like I am hanging between my mind that accepts what I was part of and my heart that’s not yet ready to bid adieu.
Signing off with the promises of my share and new dreams in my eyes,”

Hey everyone! This is the first time I am posting on the group but I could not wait to show my gratitude towards the OC for such a great conference. HUII has really made me think hard and look at life from a whole different angle. These two days were amongst the most memorable days of my life. Thanks a lot everyone for giving me such a great opportunity.

It was the first time that I attended this conference and by no means will it be the last time. It was an amazing effort put forth by the OC team and the initiative in itself is fabulous. It was a brilliant and memorable experience and I thank everyone for the two days that were an absolute success for everyone. This will be a strong hangover indeed! Hope to see you all again!